'Angus McKinnon Young (March 31st, 1955- ) is a Scottish-born Australian musician and the lead guitarist, songwriter, and co-founder of the hard rock band AC/DC. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with other members of AC/DC in 2003. Known for wild, energetic performances and schoolboy-uniform stage outfits, Young is ranked 96th on Rolling Stones list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".

Biography Edit

Angus Young, the youngest

of eight children of William and Margaret Young, was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved with his parents to Sydney, Australia in 1963 with his older brothers Malcolm, George, and Alex, who all became musicians, and their older sister Margaret. Angus started playing guitar when he was five years old—a local child had one and Angus would play it during visits. He got his own guitar as a gift from his older brother George.

Formation of AC/DC Edit

As a teenager Angus Young played in a band called 'Kentuckee'. He was 18 when he and his 20 year old brother Malcolm formed AC/DC in 1973 with Angus on lead guitar, Malcolm on rhythm guitar, Colin Burgess on drums, Larry Van Kriedt on bass guitar and Dave Evans on vocals. "Can I Sit Next To You Girl", their first single, was later re-recorded with Bon Scott as their vocalist. They got the name AC/DC after seeing the letters "AC/DC" on the back of a vacuum cleaner owned by their sister, Margaret.

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